The last tropical fish shop in the East End of London.

A tropical fish shop in the East End of London, the last of what used to be many.

Tiny, watery dramas inside fish tanks accompany the thoughts of local fish-keepers, while father and son Big Tel and Little Tel work to keep the shop alive.

Editor - Nina Rac
Sound - Dora Filipovic
Sound Recording - Kit Johnson
Music - Filip Sijanec
Grade - Sara Buxton

Filmed at Wholesale Tropicals, Bethnal Green Road

WINNER - Best International Short Documentary, Festival dei Popoli 2020. What the jury said:

“From a small and apparently simple idea, the director draws a brilliant film, playing with the parallelism between animals and humans and offering a delicate portrait of an East London neighborhood. Very authentic and with a lot of tenderness and humor, the director succeeds to express a powerful atmosphere in a very short time.
We want to watch Bubble again and again and know more about the characters. It’s joyful and contagious with its lively humanity. A pure joy!”.